Since the world of indie game development is already somewhat a shadow, I’ve been in the umbra.  That umbra being oddly located at my school…  Anyways, winter break starts the day after tomorrow for me, so I’ve got a good week of solid, quality time for programming.  I hope to crank out a prototype game soon enough.  I’ve got plenty of ideas, some of which have been imposed on me nonstop.  

However I’ve decided what I’m actually going to do.  Since I’ve already got a ton of good core mechanics I hope I can get this up, running and “Textured” to some extent by January. For the title I’m thinking “The Story of Septimus” (‘cause Greco-Roman mythology’s cool).  The concept is as far as I know totally original, and I will be working on it by myself if I can help it.  Once it’s finished as a prototype I may go to TigSource and see if anyone would be willing to re-skin it.

To maintain the Metaphor, I hope to be within the penumbra soon.

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