So I’ve decided what to do for now.  Considering that I’m all alone now I can finally make this space game with multiple genres of game play!  The concept would be a bit boring and long but stick around and I may just explain it to you!

So, for now I’m going to make one last 2D project in XNA this one hopefully will get finished and uploaded to the marketplace.  Afterwards I plan to switch languages to C++ and start playing with openGL.

Today marks day 0 of my devblog, I’m going to update every week or so on my progress, afterwards I’ll start to blog about my openGL adventures! I’m still a high school freshman, though so I don’t have a ton of time to work.

Okay, if you’ve stuck around this long then I suppose you deserve to know about the game that I’m preparing to get to work on. The concept came to me from Solar[2], which by the way is a wonderful game. Back on topic this game is a space piloting/top down shooter, but your missiles and ships and whatnot will actually react with the planets’ gravitational pull.  There will also be parts wherein you are dropped off somewhere (a planet, boarding a ship, you get it) and the game-mode will switch to a top down shooter. The ultimate goal will be universal domination, which as you may or may not know is theoretically impossible so the game will probably last for quite a long time.(randomly(infinitely) generated solar systems, planets, etc.)

-“Tell your friends!” Adam