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Stardate: 9812.9

As of tomorrow Incipio will be out. Which means that tonight (the night that I’m posting this) is the night before I will have released it.  I say this because you could be reading this in the future, and if that’s true you might’ve played it!  If so, you’re awesome and should totally leave some criticisms and or suggestions by clicking the little pencil on this blog!  If not, you should play it and then leave some criticisms and/or suggestions. You can play it here: http://gamejolt.com/profile/ludius/16053/

Incipio is my first “full” game, I’ve made little gimmicky things before, but nothing I could release.  I’m pretty proud of it I guess. I may be releasing updates for it frequently, as of now I definitely want to get Multi-player and XBOX controller support in.  After which I think I’m going to start another (relatively small) game with the same guy I did Incipio with, Rudi Garcia (RDG4590@gmail.com if you want to contact him). More details to come on that, for that and more follow this blog and my twitter https://twitter.com/AdamSwaggoner

Also, credit where credit is due:

Music in Incipio was done by my friend SYNC (http://soundcloud.com/sync_s_turtl3)

Art was done by Rudi Garcia(RDG4590@gmail.com)

All the code and concept was done by yours truly (https://twitter.com/AdamSwaggoner)


So I’ve decided what to do for now.  Considering that I’m all alone now I can finally make this space game with multiple genres of game play!  The concept would be a bit boring and long but stick around and I may just explain it to you!

So, for now I’m going to make one last 2D project in XNA this one hopefully will get finished and uploaded to the marketplace.  Afterwards I plan to switch languages to C++ and start playing with openGL.

Today marks day 0 of my devblog, I’m going to update every week or so on my progress, afterwards I’ll start to blog about my openGL adventures! I’m still a high school freshman, though so I don’t have a ton of time to work.

Okay, if you’ve stuck around this long then I suppose you deserve to know about the game that I’m preparing to get to work on. The concept came to me from Solar[2], which by the way is a wonderful game. Back on topic this game is a space piloting/top down shooter, but your missiles and ships and whatnot will actually react with the planets’ gravitational pull.  There will also be parts wherein you are dropped off somewhere (a planet, boarding a ship, you get it) and the game-mode will switch to a top down shooter. The ultimate goal will be universal domination, which as you may or may not know is theoretically impossible so the game will probably last for quite a long time.(randomly(infinitely) generated solar systems, planets, etc.)

-“Tell your friends!” Adam


Over the weekend I basically finished the map editor, the main problems are out of the way, now just some tweaking and a few little features to add. In making the map editor I came up with some ideas for how to do collision detection(efficiently). I finally finished fixed the hill generator, and I have it looking rather good. Also, I cleaned my desk and organized. Quality of life = improved.


Ironically on labor day weekend I’m working harder than I’ve worked on the game in ages. Today has been full of work, I’ve made the maps layered, worked on the map editor a bit, and added HD support. I’ve got a lot more stuff planned to do this weekend, tomorrow I plan to finally tackle collision and to work on the player class. Logan’s been, well, nothing but this doesn’t mean he’s lazy, we just can’t think of a job for him to do. So he’s been up to making music http://soundcloud.com/sync_s_turtl3

Also, I’ve been secretly concepting a new game. I guess I’m pulling a Zuckerberg on this one, considering that Logan told me the idea for it then I started to work on it behind his back. He’ll probably be involved in the development process, but I really want to try this idea that I’ve gotten for the art style (which he wouldn’t do for all of the money in the world).



Since school has started(10 days ago), we haven’t been able to finish alot. I’ve gotten started on the map editor but it isn’t very close to completion. This weekend I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to think of a way to do collision detection.. I’ve been trying a traditional Rectangle for each block system, but that takes up lots of memory, and hasn’t been working. Another thing I’m considering is having a point for every tiles location in space with x, and y coordinates, and whenever said point comes into screen it creates a rectangle to check for collision. This is going to take a while. -_-


In Colorado. 


- Logan 


Well, we have some really nice animations brewing for liquid dynamic ;). the Sprite animations aren’t coming along like I thought they would, but, we’ll figure something out. The good news here is we have a RANDOM MAP GENERATOR WORKING! Although it doesn’t yet make hills, we where able to randomly distribute different ores and make ‘layers’.  A map sized 100 x 50 will run at 60 frames per second… no surprise, we’ll expand later, Adam’s going to upload a video in the near future of this terrain gen (with lighting) so, :D

- Logan


I’ve been coding for 3 hours today trying to fix the performance issues, I was up a good 3 hours last night trying to fix it. I think I’m going to re-write the tile engine, wish me luck!?








o   Random or pseudo-random environments and creatures

o   Story mode and free play mode
Planet Invasion 

o   Textures

o   Code

o   Credits

o   Title screen

o   Sandbox Build: The Minecraft Concept


o   Creature editor
Unlock-ables, money system 

o   Colorful (popping) environment

o   Interactive HUD

o   Easter Eggs

o   Replay Value

o   Jokes

o   Interactive Music
Intensity, Level Progression, Dubstep-Bosses 

o   Online
Battle Creatures, Survival, Castle Crashers 

o   Characters & Skill Levels

o   Simulated Personalities
The ability to find/save different characters and play as them for different benefits to your play. Also, each character would have a personality and actual conversations between them, leading to actual events, all convos possible are random.Certain conversations would have certain points to determine how one character feels about the other. The levels would be neutral, hate, love. Hate being -25 love being +50 neutral being -5 / 45 (Red, Yellow, Green) 

o   Over 30 weapon-types

o   Factories
Basically Dungeons that make robots you can shut down for items or a NPC surprise.

o   Tame & Command
Some creatures will be tame-able and fight for you, or help you accomplish tasks that would otherwise be extremely difficult.

- Logan


So, as it turns out Logan doesn’t know a whole lot about game development… yet. To get started we have decided to make a somewhat small XNA game in which there will be randomly generated creatures.


I do know how to create maps, artwork, and music, however. So my current state of knowledge can support at least 40% toward the cause of this game.